Review: M.n Me Now Generation.II LONG LASTING Lip Gloss

Hey Beautiful Beings,

I will be honest with you this was a little tester to test out the Wish App which I have written a blog on previously

It was also MASSIVE bargain by.

The item I bought was called M.n Me Now Generation.II Long Lasting Lip Gloss.
I purchased this off of Wish. I love make up and recently I have found some amazing products for amazing affordable prices, and this lip gloss was definitely one of those products.

So this is the lip gloss. I love the packaging it almost looks like a test tube. The colour is amazing, now the first thing I noticed was that I ordered one and got two, I mean wow and do you know how much? £1, yes as cheap as £1 and £1 postage so in total £2 which is brilliant. Now for £2 I really wasn’t expecting much but as the lip gloss stated that it was long lasting and waterproof then I thought why not test it

Originally I was very skeptical about this product. So I applied it without lip pencil, I suggest using a similar colour lip pencil first if you want it neat and tidy, I simply just put it on to see if it actually did what it said it does.

It feels like a lip gloss. Do not rub your lips together as this causes the lip gloss to go sticky, you need to apply it and then leave it to dry like you would with a lip stain. Once the lip gloss was dry, I done the kissed test on my hand and guess what? No mark! Yay! So even though that test was a big positive I wanted to eat and drink with it on so left it on and it didn’t come off once. I would avoid oily foods but other than that eat and drink away.

It does go on glossy but it dries matte.

The lip gloss remained throughout the day. I then wanted to see how easily the lip gloss came off and to be honest it didn’t come off very easy I had to give it a bit of a rub, it did say that an oil based make up remover would remove the lip gloss. I use Ann French, a make up remover that I swear by and my Mum even used to use it when she was younger.

This lip gloss gets a massive thumbs up from me. It is a beautiful warm burgundy red which is very much like a Mac Lipstick I have. This colour looks beautiful for Autumn, Winter, Night time colour and makes your lips stand out and it lasts FOREVER.

Go get one of them girls 🙂 on or the Wish App both very easy to use and free to download on iPhone, Android and Google Play.

This is the make up remover/moisturizer that I spoke about in my blog, this stuff is amazing, feels amazing and smells amazing. I will write a blog on facial cleansing soon 🙂









All my reviews are my own and I have not been paid or influenced in anyway. Thank you.


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